Sunday 12th Dec 2021 SHOW NOTES (instagram live @franklyspeakingpolitics)

- 11:57

  1. 8 Moderna and Pfizer shareholders make over $10b in a week of OMICRON
  2. CIA not only employs nonces, but protects them
  3. Twitter labels the American Heart Association as misleading, dangerous and spammy for not following a narrative, despite them being cited previously as authoritative sources by even the likes of CNN &NBC
  4. When issuing the Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) the FDA & Pfizer knew death was a risk and their lawyers have asked to release theire 329,000 documents at a rate of 500 pages a month…despite being able to rush through all that to get it sanctioned for injecting in the first place. Original court document:
  5. UKSHA announces C19 side effects/symptoms are an awful lot like post jab problems…conveniently before announcing Plan C will only come into play if OMICRON becomes a problem…whilst increasing boosters (make your own assumptions) Video with commentary on the government document:
  6. Oregon, USA to consider PERMENENT indoor mask mandate
  7. Public Health Scotland’s data shows 9/10 C19 deaths were double jabbed over the last 4 months (with further links via that page)
  8. Is a bad (or rather worse) Pfizer batch killing our West Midlands children?
  9. FDA and Pfizer ask courts for an extra 20 years (2096) to release the 329,000 documents
  10. Jussie Smollett found guilty of staging a hate crime…America is so racist it requires a black man to hire 2 blackmen to beat up said black man, to prove “white man bad”. Could this have started a race war? Surely they were Jussie’s motives.
  11. Austria’s vax mandate drops its age to 14 year olds…so children are now forced into medical trials that may result in death or pay €3,600. But does it end there?
  12. American government wins appeal to extradite Julian Assange to the USA for trial for the crime of exposing their federal crimes.
  13. PCR tests in 2008 created the whooping cough epidemic that didn’t even exist
  14. Allegra Sratton supposedly took the piss on video about a Christmas party at No.10 (days before the video) in what looks like the new £2.6m briefing room that we only saw pictures of for the first time via the BBC on 16/3/21… was this a fake psyop to distract against the PHS data showing 9/10 C19 deaths the past 4 months were double jabbed? (see number 7 above) Or was it to dilute the anger between Plan B and the possibly fake video?